An interview has been uploaded in youtube account after their performance in Vans Warped Tour 2014: Kick-off Party.

ONE OK ROCK talk documentary and John Feldman w Robert Herrera02:44

ONE OK ROCK talk documentary and John Feldman w Robert Herrera


This is a summary by Elsie Chapman.

How is it, working with John Feldmann? Are there any barriers going on in the studio? Like language barriers?

Taka : It is very difficult, because we are Japanese and he is American people. But we have American people friends and they are speak Japanese. There is translation, and we have communication.

What's one thing that you guys have done here in the States that you guys are enjoying?

Taka : Partying.

Partying? Are you guys big on partying?

OOR : Yeah...

Taka : Yeah, a lot. I love it!

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