RIZE 2016
Origin Tokyo, Japan
Genres Alternative rock
nu metal[1][2]
punk rock
Years active 1997 - present
Labels Epic Records Japan (2000 - 2002)
Tensaibaka Records(indies) (2005 - present)
Far Eastern Tribe Records (Universal Music Japan) (2006 - 2012)
Warner Music Japan (2012 - present)
Associated acts Yamaarashi
Def Tech
Websites Official Website
Current members Jesse McFaddin
Kaneko Nobuaki
Past members Tokie
Nakao Yoshihiro

RIZE was formed in 1997, debuting in 2000 and currently signed with Warner Music Japan. Current members are: Jesse/V&G, Kenken/V&B,& N.K/Dr. Rize music style is a mix of nu metal, alternative metal, alternative rock, punk rock, hard rock and even some reggae flavor, cultivated & created via their real international music DNA. Their natural, overwhelming enthusiasm to music has been inspiring lots of music fans not only Japan, but also Asia, USA, and other countries, especially their solid, driven & incredible powerful sounds performed by this 3 pieces @ live compelling "Rizer" = Rize fans calling themselves without any doubt. "ZERO" from CD album "Experience" has been featured on Coca Cola TVCM in Japan and Asian countries.

RIZE is Toru and Taka favorite band. Toru first time attends to live was RIZE, like being he said in an interview between JaME World in 2009. Then in DEVILOCK NIGHT THE FINAL interview Taka said that RIZE was their inspiration to start the band.


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