Nirvana band
Origin Aberdeen, Washington, US
Genres Alternative rock
Years active 1987 - 1994
Labels Sub Pop
Associated acts Fecal Matter
Foo Fighters
Sweet 75
Eyes Adrift
Current members Kurt Cobain
Krist Novoselic
Dave Grohl
Past members Aaron Burckhard
Dale Crover
Dave Foster
Chad Channing
Jason Everman
Dan Peters

Nirvana was an American rock band that was formed by singer and guitarist Kurt Cobain and bassist Krist Novoselic in Aberdeen, Washington, in 1987. Nirvana went through a succession of drummers, the longest-lasting being Dave Grohl, who joined the band in 1990. Despite releasing only three full-length studio albums in their seven-year career, Nirvana has come to be regarded as one of the most influential and important rock bands of the modern era.

The band signed onto Sub Pop in 1988 and recorded their first single "Love Buzz" with Chad Channing on drums and in 1989, they recorded their debut album "Bleach". Shortly after, Dave Grohl joined on drums after Channing left and the band left Sub pop to sign onto David Geffen Company and recorded their second album "Nevermind" and it's opening song "Smells Like Teen Spirit" became a number one hit.

During this time, Kurt Cobain started doing heroin and met Courtney Love and in 1992 they married and their daughter Frances Bean Cobain was born. In late 1992, they released a compilation of demos titled "Incesticide".

In 1993, after another tour they recorded their third album "In Utero" and shortly after, Pat Smear joined the band as second guitarist. In March 1994, the band played it's final show in Munich, Germany and a month later Kurt Cobain took his own life on April 5, 1994.

The band broke after Cobain's death and Dave Grohl went on to form a new band titled Foo Fighters.

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