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It’s been damp and humid lately.
On those days, all I want to do is watch Ghibli.
That’s why,

“My Neighbour Totoro”
“Princess Mononoke”
“Porco Rosso”

is what I watched.
I get the feeling I’ve watched all of these when I was younger but, a considerable amount of the actual content was lost from my memory so I decided to watch them.

Anyway, it was interesting all the same.
A pig that doesn’t fly is just a pig(゜-゜)

I wonder what I should watch next(゜-゜)

Well then, today we had rehearsal from noon(゜-゜)
I want to tour already!
Toru’s hair became short, his determination is coming out more and more.
Soon, I’ll cut mine too!


Tumblr inline mpajk09hGZ1qz4rgp

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